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Tulsi Ek Tapashvini-V.2
Based on a Novel on the inspirational story of a woman.
Manav Thaun To Ghanu
Based on Short inspirational essays
Based On concept of numbers in Hindu astrology.
100 desi vartao, tamane preran?a apase = 100 desi stories to inspire you
100 Indian inspirational stories
Jivana saphal?a banavava dhyanathi jivo
On self development through meditations.
Based on articles chiefly on life, political and economical issues of the world.
101 world famous authors
Based On the life and works of world famous authors.
Aarvachin jagatna yudhdho
Based On wars in modern world.
Sikhavanarane 10 sikhaman?a
Ten suggestions to a teacher
Saphal?atano sortakata : basa, dhyana apo lakshya upara
Shortcut of success
Preran?a piyusha, etale, Saphal?atathi sukha sudhini pagadan?di
A tour of Success to happiness
Pan Hun To Tane Prem Karu Chhu Vol.3
Based on articles on men-women relationship after marriage.
Srujan no sakshatkar'
Based on Best poems of the Bronte¨ Sisters (Emily Bronte, 1818-1848, Anne Bronte, 1820-1849 and Charlotte Bronte, 1816-1855).
Geeta vimarsh
Based on Critical analysis of Bhagavadgi¯ta¯, Hindu philosophical classic.
Maltiplaya yora enarji
On invisible energy force that prove your thoughts create your reality
Based on Articles chiefly on socio-political issues and dalit condition in India.
Srimad Bhagavad Gita : mul?a svarupe sloka ane artha sathe Gujaratimam saral?a bhashamam mota akshara ane rangina citro sathe
Based on Verse translation of Bhagavadgi¯ta¯, Hindu philosophical classic.
Jivan ek utsav
Based on collection of spiritual articles; previously published in Kacchamitra, a Gujarati daily.
Shabde-shabde shayari
Based on Collection of poems (s´a¯yari¯), excerpt of Gujarati poets.
Gujarati vyakaran
Based on Gujarati language grammar.
Atmanum aushadha
Articles chiefly on child development and self improvement.
Van ni vaate
Based On wildlife watching of Gujarat, India
Vaat @ Hraday.com
Based on articles on love and men-women relationships.
Satyaghatana ni sugandhe
Based On the life and inspirational anecdotes of Deendayal Upadhyaya, 1916-1968, Indian statesman and politician.
Oha, andhasraddha!!
Based On scientific knowledge based on psychodynamic explanations about behavioural problems caused by occultism, mysticism and superstition
Nachiket sutra
Based on Poems on mytrhological theme.
Kalamne kartale
Based on Gujarati Poetry
Idam vinodam
Based on Selected humorous writings of a Gujarati author.
Based on Discourses on teachers, based on Ra¯macaritama¯nasa of Tulasi¯da¯sa, 1532-1623, Awadhi poet.
Based on collection of essays on various theme; chierly on Gujarati literature.
Andhali gali
Based on Gujarati fiction
Jene Lahore nathi joyu e janmyo j nathi
Based on Play on social and religious aspects in human life.
Vinayadharma : Jnanadhara 15
Based on Graciousness in Jaina religion and philosophy; contributed seminar papers
Based on Articles on politics and government in India with reference to role and achievements of Narendra Modi¯, born 1950, prime minister of India and leader of Bharatiya Janata Party.
Based on Critical study of drama as presented upon stage.
Drashyam Adrashyam
Based on novel on the kidnapping of a child based on true incident.
Based on Contributed articles on the works of Rabindranath Tagore, 1861-1941, Bengali litterateur
Antaranum ekanta
Complete poems of a Gujarati author
Dost Tara Nam Par
Based on Friendship
Safaltani Sadhna
Based On how to prepare for examination.
Sum tamara do^ktara poshaka davao vise jan?e che?
Based On health care and treatment of various disease through balance diet
Based on Critical writings on contemporary Gujarati dalit literature
Shikhavnarne 10 shikhaman
Based on Parenting
Uttama ahara, uttama jivana : do^ktara no paushtika vanagio no khajano
Based on Weight loss recipes and tips
Suresh Dalal
Based on Essays chiefly on life and literature.
Based on articles on interpersonal relations.
Based on Articles on conduct of life.
Aasha nirasha
Based on articles on conduct of life.
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