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A¯psu¯ ko gussa¯ a¯ya¯
Apsu the baby dragon is happy to find a little cloud to play with. In the process he drifts away from home never to return. Apsu grows up but is still upset. Are thunder and lightning in the sky his doing? A beautiful picture book in verse.
Ca¯ca¯ Caudhari¯ aura Mist?ara Eksa
Stories based on Ca¯ca¯ Caudhari¯, cartoon and fictitious character; comic for children.
Maim? hu¯m? bra¯it?a = Main hoon bright
This is the story of the journey of a bright one rupee coin made in the government mint. It passes many hands and in the process gets dirty. Carelessly left in a corner the coin finally reaches a place where it is treasured and valued.
Supara Kama¯n?d?o Dhruva. 1
Stories based on adventures of Dhruva, fictitious characters; comics for children.